discover ways to learn & engage!

speaking engagements and consultations

 Presentations available range from interfaith cooperation and education; 
 service-learning and advocacy; religious diversity & inclusion in the workplace;

 leadership discernment and development for churches and faith-based

 organizations. Take-home materials and best practices.

theater arts for group-building

  Learn new and effective ways to use the theater arts, creative

  movement, music, and much more in your relationship-building.

  Relate, Create, TRANSFORM! partners with arts organizations and

  professional artists and teachers in the Philadelphia area.

  Let us know what you are interested in: theater sports, creative

  worship, skits/sketches for youth ministry, arts curriculum for

  teaching, theater games, or ways to hone creative skills.

  The arts help us to build friendships and to engage issues that are

  often difficult to discuss. We offer a wide variety of services for

  children, youth, young adults, and beyond.

Interfaith learning, engagement, and cooperation

  We live in a religiously diverse world. There are countless misunderstandings that 
  lead to intolerance, prejudice, and even violence.

  How can we authentically live together, embracing our differences?

  Learn more about how you can participate in the interfaith movement.
  It is more than just understanding or gathering information about the other.
  Get to know real people and embrace their full humanity.
  The interfaith movement is about taking worthwhile risks to know your neighbors
  and to partner and cooperate with them.

  Let's build more bridges and make a positive impact in our communities!
  • theater sports nights
  • group-building
  • workshops
  • arts for cooperation
  • arts in religious worship
  • arts in education

Theater arts offerings

interfaith offerings

Relate, Create, Transform!

  • immersion experiences
  • workshops
  • religious site visits
  • service-learning
  • training
  • consultation

Presentation offerings

  • workshops
  • schools, congregations, hospitals, companies & corporations
  • available for out of state and international events
  • bilingual in spanish & english